Donald Trump: There is No Illusion, This is Who He is

For those who have chosen to forget Donald Trump’s past, his misogyny, his racism, his overall reputation, these past few weeks have been a rude awakening. Some have come out and said that in the face of defeat he is only now showing his true colors, but has he not shown them before? no matter how controversial or offensive they may be. Which begs the question, how far does he have to go? How many insults does it take for people to denounce him?

It took Trump calling his adversary a “nasty woman” and illegal immigrants “bad hombres”. It took a hot mic tape of him bragging about sexual assault. It took the 11 women who accused him of assault and his staunch denial of the fact. And for some it even took his threat to undermine American democracy to finally try to distance themselves from him. Many only now are saying that seeing his despicable behavior towards women and his refusal to say he would accept the election outcome, they realize that who Trump really is, and therefore cannot support him. Others say that these are his worst moments, but overall, he is a better person than the man we are witnessing now. What’s strange is that no previous statements from Trump were enough to convince many voters that he is unelectable. Miss Piggy? Birtherism? “If she wasn’t my daughter, I’d probably be dating her”? Belittling women and people of color are not new to Donald Trump. Neither is xenophobia.

While people accuse Hillary Clinton of the deaths of four in Benghazi (by the way, no other Secretary of State in our history has been solely blamed for an overseas attack of this nature), Donald Trump has been allowed to insult races, religions, women, and individuals in the most disgusting language with hardly any major reproof. The double standard is frighteningly clear in this election as people try to justify behavior in Trump that would be considered immature and abhorrent in the average teenager, while at the same time place the full responsibility of an overseas attack on Clinton though a House Select Committee has found no evidence of wrongdoing on her part. So for this whole election, the bar has been set at an all-time low for Trump and an all-time high for Clinton.

Trump is stooping below the base standards we have set for him, and now people are coming to the conclusion that he is unfit for office. He has been unfit for office since he stepped into the race. A man who spends his time feuding with celebrities on Twitter and bragging about the size of his hands, a man who cannot accept defeat or failure is unfit to be a government official. He does all the things teenagers are told not to do, because they hinder our chances of getting into a good college. His statements would earn many students detentions at least, if not more. Is this the person we want representing our country and its values to the world? No, I really don’t think so. But this is who Donald Trump is. He is a liar, he does cheat the system, he is biased against other races, other religions, other everything. He does take sexual assault lightly. He doesn’t meet our own society’s basic standards of decency. So we, as a society, cannot allow him to become the highest elected official in the United States.


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